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Dont knom to mail this so Ive put it here. My car has seemed to have developed a rattle. It is happen when it first started up and when you start to pull off. It sounds like the handbrake cables are knocking on the exhaust, but theyre not. Anyone got any ideas? I am also in need of a headlight stalk, mine has stopped flashing and dipping.
Check the heatshields on the exhaust...... :D

I have a spare stalk too. My number is 07796442774..
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Most likely exhaust catching. Could also be heatshield rattle, or a loose bracket.

Does it vary with revs, movement or is it random?
It sounds worse when its cold moere than anything, just as the engine takes the load, or sometimes you can hear it when you go over potholes.
Differences with heat suggests exhaust rattling, stainless moves with heat as it expands, so much you can get rattles when its cold but not when hot or vice versa.

Get ya head under there for a look-see.
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