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Archived Rare subframe / upright rebuild device.

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I aquired this from a Renault dealership that was closing down. I dont have my five any more so I think its only fair that I let it go.

It was apparently used (although this one never was !) for rebuilding up the front of the car. I dont know much more than that. Can anyone shed any light on it ?

It really only wants to be collected as its
a) heavy
b) bulky
c) pointy

I have genuinely no idea of worth , so Ill ask £100 , but open to offers, sensible or not.

IMG_4831.JPG IMG_4832.JPG
Is it some sort of jig/brace for when cutting out/replacing/realigning the front end? That is what it looks like to me, if so then maybe of use to a body shop etc...
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