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r11 turbo 1985

right steve, is not a original devil, it's a rebuilt that we have manage with the R11&R9 club.
we faced some difficulties to build it, after more than one years and some patches we now can put it on ours cars but due to these trouble we don't expect new production.
This one is my second 11 turbo, it's zender limited edition of 600 units , this car is completely stock, and never restored
IMG_5916b.jpg filezender.jpg Photo066.jpg 9.jpg
some news, I did the 30th birthday of the R11 turbo in last august in 'La Châtre circuit" good time on this place and lot of sympatic exchanges with participants.

gt8pV.jpg file.jpg file-1.jpg file-2.jpg

Zender wheels are currently rebuilded by casa des jantes in Portugal, good result, car will have a better lookfile-3.jpg
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