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Quadra For sale ?250



Im still trying to get rid of my Quadra, or im definately going to break it.
MOT until Nov 04

Body work is a little tatty, faded, the odd dent or two, and One or two very small patches of rust. It is not embarraqssingly shonky and did look half decent after a T-cut.

Engine and box are very sound, however it can't be driven at the moment because it needs a replacement radiator hose (the one with the bleed screw and thermostat in it.)

Interior wise, the seats are excellent, however sunroof has come off runners and leccy windows are a little slow.

Extra bits, All new within the last 18 months....
Prima Dump Valve
Green aircone
exhaust down pipe
new actuator

Basically this car will probably never be a show car but does run very well (before hose splitting) engine and gear box were faultless and have given me 18 months of almost hassle free motoring.

I really want rid of this car because it just sitting dong nothing except annoying my miserable elderly neighbours and no longer have the time, money or willing to tend to her. I want ?250 which I think is pretty fair (most of you have probably speant more thean this on an exhaust system!!)
The car will probably need trailoring unless you have the correct replacement hose and the battery is completely dead also.

The car is in Bishop's Stortford, Herts, very near Stansted Airport, 5mins from J8 M11. Any questions or you want to have a look at her give me call 01279 833799 07720891972


Due to a sudden change in circumstance i wont be able to buy this car-or any others-Lee, dont let it get broke up mate!
Interested in gearbox

Hi paulo
further to my post in the wants section, i am definately interested in the gearbox. what is the mileage. I may be interested in the whole car if there is no further interest in breaking. Give me a call

I think Stu Harding is still offering his exchange Quadra box scheme, so you would get a fully rebuilt box for your beast :D

Seems a shame for this to break as it looks OK to me..If I had the room(just lost my lockup a couple of months after getting it :x !!)I would have bought it weeks ago, anyway heres some piccies..

Come on someone have it, Lyndon surely theres room to squeeze another one in!!! 8)
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