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5 GT Turbo Project standard..........ish


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I brought my 4th Renault 5 a couple of weeks ago just a few pics. Not really got much planned atm, just a little service, new dizy cap, rotor arm, HT leads, spark plugs, oil change, oil filter and carb service kit. Needs a bit of work before im happy, just seems like expensive work, new bumper strips, fuel tank, door cards, red carpet and side decals.


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Got a good fuel tank and reserve tank if you are interested. However what is wrong with your tank? If it leaks it will be the bung and you can repair this yourself with a soldering iron and araldite or similar.
Yes mate, still got the cup and my ph1. Plan on getting them both out around May time. Have to go for a drive out at some point !
Last week the starter motor gave up, luckily I had a spare in the garage but still don't sound right.

So a few new little bits......


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Fuel tank was put on hold as I had issues with my starter motor which resulted in a f**ked flywheel! So new flywheel (lightened and balance) and valeo green box clutch! So engine out jobby, all back in now, neater engine loom fitted, just the last few bits putting back on, hoses, air filter, etc then she will be ready for a drive!


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Also New oil and gear box oil and oil filter!

sAme I had to rush getting the engine back In for FCS, could have done with a clean!
Everyone's in the same boat, there's loads I want to do to mine but I'm throwing it all in just for FCS lol. Looking good bud
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