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Norwich Nick

Well-Known Member
So we’re back to mismatched wheels and tyres.

I’d had pressure anxiety since fitting the turini’s, checking every 24hrs for the first few days then weekly, all seemed good. I had to do the school run unexpectedly on Monday and something felt off, I’d been out on the Saturday and no problems. Got home and checked pressures, the wheel which had been straightened was only at around 15psi! Pumped up and check the next morning, down to 25, not happy, pumped up and did the school run. When I got back I dropped the spare wheel, which was flat, pumped it up and did some online calculations. I couldn’t run it on the front due to mismatched rolling diameter and I wasn’t fannying around swapping front to back etc. made the decision to put the old rears on the front as they were in reasonable condition and worry about it all another day ☹️

I had hoped there would be other news/progress by now but there have been delays which we can’t even blame on covid, maybe things are getting back to normal!

TNT Mr Raider

Well-Known Member
Hope you get the wheels sorted, sounds like that wheel needs a good going over, tyre not sealing correctly or rim itself is still bent? Take it the other 3 wheels are ok?

Norwich Nick

Well-Known Member
It really could do with a refurb as it’s got quite a lot of corrosion but surprised it’s not holding. It’s straight and true by eye, it could have just picked up a small nail or something and be unrelated but just super annoying. Other 3 are fine now, as far as I’m aware……

On a related unrelated note, plans have been scuppered. I’ve been waiting for something to happen since last year and it’s either going to happen in the next few weeks or not at all for the foreseeable future 😔


Norwich Nick

Well-Known Member
So, plot 13 is no more, it was only ever a stop gap, shame as the garage was ideal for my needs. Going to blame covid for lack of progress, all the companies I seem to deal with still do!

We’re now back in an older property, which is going to be a project in itself but hopefully it will be done sooner rather than later, leaving me time to find excuses not to finish project 5low™.

We seem to downsize every move, this time is no different. First issue was the wobble box, my previous post with the 5 in the garage was after half a day going through everything that had been dumped in there, moving it so I could actually get the 5 off the drive and the wobble box on it. I knew it would be tight but not sure the wife realised when I told her it would be.


Not as tight as it looks though but still not ideal


So a storage facility has been found and utilised which meant a spot of house keeping and reorganisation could take place. First off I wanted to clean the block paving, started with this


Ended with


Then on to the garage itself,

I neglected to take many before pics but I had a plan, all the shelving had been left


I felt it would be better to have space at the sides, moved stuff around, it didn’t work so shuffled some more and ended up here



Unfortunately I don’t seem to have made much more space


but by keeping the rear clear I can roll it backwards to work undercover or just out if needs be.
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