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Price check on my Renault 21 T



Heya, Im considering selling my car because I want a better one, a better renault 21 turbo that is., but im not all that sure on what the price tag would be.
Its a Phase 1 F reg red renault 21 turbo. Its done above 180k miles (OUCH)
Basically, its been used but it still goes well. There are a few clunks when you drive and the Radiator fans dont spin....
I had a new water pump and fan belt fitted the other week as well as a new break hose and pretty much all the work ive had done which needed to be done. There is a bit of rust on the rear left side door as well.
Oh and its 100% original.

So, let me know. Be nice now im not sure my car would like it if you are mean ;)

If you need any more info let me know.
Price check...

Is it taxed and MOT'd? What are the tyres like? Are the brakes likely to need doing in a few weeks? All these little things can count.

However above all that, that high mileage on an F in red with non-working rad fans, in my experience i'd pay no more then ?400 tops for it. That maybe seen as unfair considering, I have a knack for gettin them cheap or free, but generally the market value of a 21Turbo is on a par with many other 15yr old cars out there. Sad but true.
How much you looking to spend on a new one, cos maybe the extra ?600 you'd spend on a new one could be injected into your current car, which you know everything about, to be made better. Imagine you get ?500 for yours, spend ?1000 on a new one, then 4weeks later the clutch goes, the box goes, the rings go, it'll end up costing you ?1300 when you've replaced everything on your current one and knows whats likely to go and what aint.

p.s I just got a G plate in Blue for free and an F plate in Grey for ?30.00 :wink:
and i just paid ?1000 for mine and the spark plug keeps fouling. :cry:

Be still lovin it.
:D :D :D
It has about 5 months Tax and 11 months MOT. Tires are fine, well it just passed the MOT so Im sure they are.

I was hoping... to get a renault 21 turbo with under 100k miles on the clock for about ?1000 then use the money from the sale of my current to go on fixing her up to perfection.
What may happen is the sale of my current will go towards the new renault 21 turbo as funds are too great right now.

Keep your one, spend a couple of hundred on it and it'll love you for it.

Don't worry about mileage, another engine ain't the worst thing to fit, or rebuild etc etc. If you can't do it one of us'll do it for ya i'm sure.

My phase one has been attacked by the rust monster in some hidey-hole places ive only just found, but i'd never dream of getting rid. Without loving owners (commonly know as enthusiasts) they'll all be dead and buried before you know it from neglect and 'I can't be arsed to fix it i'll just buy another one'.
Picture your beloved ending up under the grinder/crusher or worse, owned by a 19yr old chav wanker with no insurance or sympathy..... :( :( :cry: :cry:
I dont really have the ability to fix her up myself and getting someone else to do it would cost way to much :(
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