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Pretty, flashing engine management light :)


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Ok - i really ought to sort this soon... For some time now, the engine management light has flashed very occasionally (which I've ignored *slaps own wrist*)
Well its happening much more frequently now, but generally only when i lift my foot off the throttle, and the engine is being turned over by the movement of the car (happens in any gear, at any speed)

The light doesn't just come on, it flashes on and off (if that makes any odds)

Another thing I've noticed (which i spoke to Dave "streak of piss" Sibley about @ Stratford) is that my fuel economy is pretty crap - i used to get anything up to 40mpg on a long journey, driving sensibly, whereas now i don't think I've had anything better than about 32 mpg, even being REALLY sensible :(

The car doesn't seem to be as quick - it maxes out at about 120mph :(

Dave did mention the knock sensor (re: the fuel consumpsion), but as yet, i haven't done anything about it....!

Everything is standard - new turbo last year, new head gasket + associated bits also last year. Standard boost too. Good oil pressure.

I'm guilty of using cheap spark plugs :(

Thanks, in advance :)

tut tut

and i thought i wasnt the sharpest knife in the draw :roll: cheap plugs :!: tut tut, only kiddin mate :wink: had a simular problem with a calibra turbo, had fitted cheap plugs 3 months previous, i put in proper plugs and ran it on four star fuel for about 2 weeks and the problem went :D dont know if info is relevant to 21s but may help, also had same problem with a 19 16 valve and that turned out to be a bloked cat. regards jon
40 mpg !!!!!!!

Joff you lucky man, i could not even get 40 mpg even if i was being towed by an "AA" truck, i get about 20-22mpg around town and on a long journey driving sensibly i just manage about 32 mpg.. :cry: :cry:
lol :)

The poor car is sorely due for some nice new spark plugs - Lyn mentioned some decent ones for ?15 on another post - said something 'bout maybe cheaper if we all order some? Well put me down for a set ;)

So any more ideas? Or should i put some decent spark plugs in and see what happens? (obviously, i will anyway, regardless of any other things i might try)

Tut tut

Fit some NGK platinum plugs, change the knock sensor and change the throttle position switch, and maybe the coolant temp sensor on the stat housing too.

All sensors are available at your local scrappy on 5 fingered discount, 2.0 n/a ones fit too (check the part numbers are the same)
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