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poppin and flames



:D hi all, fitted volvo injectors and can feel poppin and according to my mate who was trying to keep up in his tvr ( not very succsessfully through the traffic 19k versis 400 quid) i had flames comin out of exhaust :shock: is this normal :?: only other mods are group a dump valve on cold side alloy intercoolers, px filter and boost running between 18 and 20 psi. cheers jon21t
you dont say which injectors. if they are 804's then you need some majors mods to enable you you burn off the extra fuel being squirted, if they are 357's then they may need a clean..
Hi John.....

In my 3 and a bit year experience, popping is normal with a full stainless....ive been flaming out real and fake since ive owned one. Ive got 357s' on mine and ive noticed no real extra difference in popping etc, although my flames are now blue :wink: :wink: so im told :)

I wouldnt worry about it mate ;-)


hope that wasnt my engine davey boy :?: AGAIN :roll: do you know sumfing i dont :?:

Nah mate it's my car on the overrun.

It's so loud it echo's, sets car alarms off and i feel it through the seat of my pants.

I thought that was loud, till i built the side exit for Andy' someone blasts a shotgun out from under the n/s sill with flames for added effect, you can feel it in your chest when it goes off :D :D and the side of the car lights up. And thats with std injectors.....

What i'm trying to say, is don't worry about it, go scare some grannies :wink:
what mods?

hi guys in considerin fittin these volvo type injectors 2 mine! how would i tell what part numbers they r? [is the number written on the body of the injector] and also u say that if the bigger type r fitted u need certain other mods 2 accompany them, what r these? thanks alot, troy :-k

I run my 357's on a internally std engine, no major mods really.

It kicks ass even at std boost :twisted:
oh vicar!!!!!!!!

is the number of these 357's on the body of the injectors? dont wanna get the wrong ones m8! and r they def out of a volvo 740 turbo????? cheers, troy
cheers for the help m8! although it would probably b easier for me 2 ring u up and ask u these silly little questions i would like them 2 b read on the tec discussion by everyone as quite a few of us r new 2 the 21 turbo tunin game, so here we go!!!!! bearin in mind i can source the injectors they come out of a volvo 740 turbo, they have a green top with 357 written on it, fit sraight in with no modifications. do they require seals on them like diesals or o-rings maybe? i presume the wirein is the same m8, cheers. :-k troy
Yeah troy im a bit new to the 21 turbo, i was gonna ask the same question, i want some 357's on mine.

One other question though: Does the fuel comsumption do through the roof? dave? :wink:
Fuel consumption with 357's

On the journey to and from French day.....I averaged 21mpg yep 21 on the motorway :D :D :D

The worst I saw that day was round the m25 going up, I got 13mpg 8)

And Optimax is now 94p per litre.....dada-da-da-da im loving it :)


Lee what the hell where you doing!!!!

all though france i got about 32mpg

and when i got back on out rubbish roads it went up!!!!!

stu harding did all the initial testing on his car with these injectors and i know he didn't see any difference

so maybe you need to change ur right foot ;)

Still seeing 40mpg+ no probs.

Did 38.1mpg over 100ish miles with 4 people and luggage on the way to dover last week.

Beauuuutiful :D

But then again if I drive like i'm in a WRC it crashes to sub-15 quite easily, but then again it did on std ones too LOL

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