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Hi all firstly I would like to appologise to every member of the 21 turbo owners club for any embarrasment that I feel that I have probably caused through a silly situation that could have been resolved months ago but may I stick up for myself and say that and questions that I have been asked I have replyed privately through a email so that to cause no bother on the forums.I have recived a warning through my conduct via email 2 days ago which I accepted during a phone call to myself from a member of the team.I feel a little bit sad for what has gone on over the two weeks I have tried to resolve the matter with a phone call 2 weeks ago but that did not work and obviously the person did not trust me enough to take my word? anyway the situation I hope has been resolved with a lot of unnessesary hard work from the team and I truly hope that the 21 turbo owners club can start afresh from this day forward and we should never let anything like this happen again.

Nice to know that someone loves me :( lol :D cheers jay now go and sort ya rust bucket out :eek: :?

go and fix the english 21 turbo lol lmao :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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