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5 GT Turbo Phase 2 Gt Turbo Restoration 2005-2014


Afternoon guys.
Most people know me from my RTOC thread "Back from Respray" this thread will be more of a prequel to that one and expand a bit more on the restoration work done before the car went into the spray shop.
I purchased the car through a mutual friend for the small sum of £300 back in August 2005.


It was in a very sorry condition but solid :)
Originally being Tungsten Grey but having had a bodge job blow over at some point in its life to silver the paintwork was in a bad way.
Externally the body and floors were solid and there was no rot around the rear quarter windows, the scuttle panel was almost rust free too bar the odd surface scab.
The engine tho, was in the boot! :(
When the car was a runner it had been fitted with £600 worth of gas flowed/ported polished head which ended up as expensive scrap after the seller split a liner, bent two rods and half the valves racing an Impreza at 30psi.
So as you have already guessed i purchased the car as a non runner!
She was towed the short journey home (losing the spoiler on the way).
My then gf at the time left me, and work started :)

A new engine purchased and was believed to be a good runner at the time, but the bottom end was shot so that needed a full rebuild too.


More soon....
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So the strip down of the new engine began.
The bottom end and oil pump strainer were full of swarf and all the bearings were shot, i found it had a campus twin cog style pump fitted so that explained that then.
Then the rebuild.

The engine was stripped down to a bare block and every part cleaned and checked for servicability.
New pistons/liners/rings etc were fitted along with a reground crank and the correct new gtt oil pump :)
The head was fully rebuilt with new guides after a pressure test and light skim.
The engine bay was then painted along with the subframe, gearbox and any other bracket/cover that would have otherwise let the new build down.
Along side the engine build i fitted new driveshafts, wheel bearings and refurbed the brake calipers.
The flywheel was lightened and balanced and paired with a Valeo green box clutch.
All the suspension bushes were also replaced for poly ones.
The engine mounts were all changed to uprated versions at the same time as all the above.
While the engine was out an mounted on the subframe i took the chance while access was good to fit a brand new engine bay wiring loom.


Then it was all fitted back into the newly painted engine bay.

i1066.photobucket.com_albums_u410_JonnyR5_2008_00000000_0000_0000_0000_0000000000EB_zpsltras6ko.jpgMore soon...
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