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5 GT Turbo Phase 1 Toyo Championship Track Car


I bought this car about 18 months ago, lots of Cup mods and unusual extras.
It needed an engine rebuild and has been off the road since 1996 so most of the mechanical parts have been replaced.
SAM_2566.JPG SAM_2567.JPG SAM_2572.JPG SAM_2568.JPG SAM_2570.JPG
love a ph1, used to have an electric blue one many moons ago, not sure if its still around though
Just needs the front end lining up properly, AFR gauge fitting and a MOT and then it's ready for the road. Then re new the decals to keep it period??
My first R5GT was an electric blue phase 1 followed by a silver phase 2 - miss them both - such rare colours and condition.
The front end of the car lines up per "Renault" standards but I think the grill is a little distorted so just needs....erm persuading back into position.
There was a similar looking car on ebay ending tonight but this car is completely different.
When I find the pictures I will update what has been done to it.
Is it just me who is thinking Bob has assembled a rather spafftastic little stable of motors?'re not, like, wanting a middle-aged son are you? Perchance? :D
Unfortunately I have enough middle aged staff members that take a lot of my time already :punish.gif:

Took the Phase 1 to Loton Park for a test day on Saturday 5th

Only crashed once!
Sorry Adey, don't get much time to get on here.
No damage to the car, just my pride took a dent.
The car has now been fitted with the original Leda suspension and the Grp A carb etc replaced with EFI producing around 220BHP

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