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Phase 1 Sills



Hi all,

Long time no speak!

Has anyone got or can anyone recommend a place I can get a couple of sills from?
My poorly phase 1 (white one for those that remember) has a few more holes than it should and the local panel place *might* be able to get just one side for Thursday.


Hi Russell,

Seriously mate, go to Renault, last time I discussed them, they werent that expensive at all, and they still had stocks in France.


I feel your pain mate. Let me know if you have any luck i could do with one. Or two. :roll:
Prives were not Sill....y

I promise try Reno......they were not a lot of money and a complete panel.

Ok u'l have a wait while they come from France, but hey well worth the wait.

Thanks for the replies. Look like I'll be on the blower to Mr. Renault tomorrow. In case anyone else is interested I'll post back price/availability
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