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Phase 1 for sale ;(


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Hi All,

Sadly I need to sell my 21. A car I have been after for over 2 years (205 Mi16) has just come available for sale and I do not have the room for the 21 & the Mi16 and a 944turbo. As much as I love 21's the its the car I want to sell the most to make way for the pug.... BUt don;t worry I will still be coming to La Chatre in a french car!!

The car has just passed its MOT so has a fresh 12 months. No tax. Structually the car is sound, and has no rust in the concerning places. Its a Ph1 and is red. To be honest it polishes up ok, but will need a respray at some point if you are serious about haveing a minter...

I bought the car off of our chairman last year, and Craig had done alot of work to it,

Otherwise the car has the following;

New hand brake cables
Ported head by craig
Front mount intercooler
Samco hoses
Cossie Air filter
New suspension, top mounts etc
new rear brake pads
Greddy boost controller and boost gauge (this is the best electronic boost controller I have used)
Cossie turbo I think (T34)
Group A exhaust
New downpipe
Standard ph1 rims with new Toyo proxes (alloys are pretty good for an old set and look clean from a passing glance)
Velour interior (not leather)
Magnecor 85's HT leads
Plus probably quite a few other bits & bobs.

The bits that need attention are;

Needs an oil change, but may do that before it sells.
Passenger front caliper is sticking and brakes need some attention to ensure correct operation.
TPS needs replacing or setting up correctly (dash ECU light is flashing when idle, or you take car off throttle)

Genuinely if you are after a 21, this car is almost ready to roll.... If the pug had not come along I would of had this on the road in time for La Chatre....

Contact me on 07796 442774 to talk about price, or ask any questions. WIll get some pics up ASAP....
Top to bottom resto mate. Done lots of electrical repairs today. Lots of wires just twisted together and taped up. So I'm going through the entire car. Sorted out coolant leak. I'll start a build thread eventually.

Best of luck with the sale- pics will always help sell it
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