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Phase 1 for sale



Red Phase 1, body & interior in good condition, Phase 1 alloys are the best I have seen, all tyres are good, has Gold anodised dump valve, bleed valve, huge Pipercross filter, brand new radiator, alternator, exhaust, even the rear arches look like new and there is no evidence of repaint.
Now the bad bit, suspect head gasket gone, water evident in cylinders.

I am open to any sensible offer, the car owes me ?250 and will need collecting from Notts.

I have loads of pics, please e-mail me for them.

I can vouch for the car as I have seen it, very nice PH1. Was going to have it myself but I just aint got the room :(

Dave, if you do have it Please don't break her(I know you won't but...)all it needs is a few hours of mechanical magic and we will have another 21T back on the road.

:( spoilt my fun dave, i was waiting for this cars last day on ebay before i bided :wink: although i was gona cannabilize it :twisted: because its ehhhhhhh red :lol: only jokin, glad its gone to some one whos gonna put it back on the road, but take them orrid turbo stickers off the sides :roll: if you do brake it dave rad and wheels are mine matey :) jon21t

NOT a breaker, for sure.

Do-er-upper innit :wink:

I run out of complete engines now though so looks like ill have to rebuild this one LOL

(assuming kev lets me buy it anyway :D )
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