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petrol flap


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Just managed to ping off the mechanism on my petrol flap, and can't find it anywhere :evil: :evil:

Whats the best way to go about fixing it, as it keeps swinging open when I go round corners :x
:D put a big screw in it :lol: sorry mate builders humour from the midlands. feel free to email abusive message :lol: its a car that makes you laugh and cry :roll: true

I got about ten of em, but they seem to go walkies all the time. :roll: :roll:

Ill have a dig later and see if i can find one.
i saw this program once

where this woman couldnt make right hand turns only left ones LOL does this give you a cheaper alternative than buying a a nu mechanism PMSL plan your route carefully lol
wot colour? i have one on my red ph1 if you are over this way or if there is a meet@monkey puzzle soon.
and i fort ......

u werte thanking me si21 for the invaluable cheap but well meant advice ie plan your route !! LOL sorry just sad lonley n bored again CMS2S lol
si21(cried myself to sleep)n still carless bugger !! :cry:
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