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Parcels Shelf - Flocked or Not?


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Hello Folks,

Just had a Renault 5 parcels shelf delivered. It was a bit marked, but I've sorted
that. In fact, I'm dead pleased with the results of my attentions - pics below...

Part cleaned...


The finished article...

However, were the ones in the GTT flocked?

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The bare shelfs are campus or lower spec r5 or possibly aftermarket stealth shelf. Ph1 & early ph2 are light or dark grey carpet, later ph2 & raider are black carpet.
No Steve, it's more a regular carpet
OK, being as it's not an OEM shelf - has the T pattern instead of the 4 rectangles
found on the regular GTTs, I'm going to go with that cotton twill, but in red.
This to both to pick up all the other red touches, though no red carpet, and to
have a little less reflected heat into the car. If it's going to be stood for hours
on end in a show field in the raging sun (some hopes) then I figure that red
will be a tad cooler than black, and quite attractive.

There's a guy in North Walsham who can vacuum stretch the cloth into place
for me. This shelf looks a whole lot stronger than the GTT one as well.

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