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Ooo errr

ha ha me too,got a pm from craig last nite im trying to find it...did the old ones all get deleted? i would have read it sooner but was on 12 hr nights :(
am impressed with what ive seen so far with the site though,looking good ;)
junior member for years

You lot !

Hang on two minutes , tweaking in progress ( the site , nowt else ! )
wow biggest change i've seen in years top work so far andy But are my pics from the old site still around ?????
Can i ask one who is curious about what happend to X , Y , or Z to please look in teh other area of the site , marked new site pleasE ?
Liking the new look andy but is there going to be an arcive of the old site so we can use it as a look up :)
Wonder if this new BAN button works ?


I wont be admin for long. Just till i sort this place , then i will self demote.
What Happend This Looks Way Diffrent Hope The Info On The Site Will Return But Keep Up The Good Work:)
WOW ;)

The site looks so upto date, I feel like my Grandad did when he tried to work out how to tune in the VHS recorder :eek:
its a bit more complicated to use. (try adding a picture) but it looks ok.
Evil is a shade of margarine Tim , a shade of margarine I tell ya
I see. It all makes sense now... the talking duck, the red sky, Gordon Brown, flipple coloured wibble routers, Renault.... It all makes sense...
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