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oil level mystery


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So I get in the car, key in ignition barrel, turn the key but not turn the car over, fuel level is fine, temp is fine, oil level is fine but once I start the car everything remains at the right level apart from the oil level which drops down to empty as if the ignition is not on, any ideas??
Yep, what Adey said. When the gauge is lit up, with the red and white scale it's a level gauge. When the engine is running the pressure switch trips and turns the gauge into a pressure reading (you know when this is because the red and white scale goes off, and so does the oil pressure warning light)

It's quite common to have a bad readout from the pressure gauge, the senders and wiring aren't very good after 25+years on a lot of cars. 21's suffer the exact same thing.
Like Dave said the connections are poor, I never look at the dash oil readings...... I have in the past got into the routine of checking the oil,expansion tank level and water injection the first time each day I use the car... :) :)
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