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Get your nostalgia out for the lads…..

I like a bit old tat associated with my 5, picked these up over the last year:

1985 issue of Autocar with R5 Turbo 2 road test. I posted the article on RTOC I think, available again if anyone is interested.

R5 maxi press photos (I think I’ve actually stood next to this car…new y-fronts pls)

Ragnotti signed photos…to silence the doubting purists….”why have you got a non-standard bumper on your 5?” “Ragnotti said it was OK that’s why!”


A bundle of stuff from one guy including…

….a 30 year anniversary Renault brochure, found it on the net here too

…an “Artists impression” of a 5 turbo….OK a bit dubious that one. Reminds me of Frankie Boyle saying that J Arthur Rank looked like a ‘child’s drawing of a monster’ hehe. Plus a cut away view and a write up from the Alpine Owners club. That’s better.

…and another R5 maxi press photo, this one John Price’s in Philips colours. Also rubbed myself against that one I think. There is a rumour circulating that this car was used by Sony for a Playstation game…either for sound clip or something to base the modelling on. Can anyone confirm or deny?
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The coup de grace – an original sales brochure for the Turbo 2, with a foldy out poster :D that is nerd gold right there. I’ll be dining out on this one for months. Alone.


I’m also trying to get my hands on two books about these cars – this one, which I think I have found…


…and Peter Meaney’s book: The Forgotton French Supercar. Not found this one yet. If anyone has a copy please shout up – willing to offer a bag of monster munch and even will throw in a curly wurly.


Also trying to find Rick McBride’s poster – Decisions, Decisions. It’s based on a similar Ferrari 328 poster, replacing the wine bottle with a gun is a bit odd. Cocaine Blues sang by Johnny Cash, anyone? The one where he goes on a drug & alcohol fuelled rampage and kills his good lady? Maybe not Mr McBrides intent…..


Anyway, does anyone else do this stuff or should I be ashamed of my habit?
Sadly yes.

Except mine borders on ridiculous.

Like, boxes full of mags and articles on the 21, press releases, press photo's, workshop bulletins, even a copy of Playboy with the Playboy sponsored R21Turbo in it (and a load of hairy growlers to boot!). Hundreds of pages, never managed to scan even half of it in. I spent hundreds, probably well into 4 figures assembling it all.










Got to love that Renault Sport stuff, never seen another manufacturer have so much detail available. "Millions of quids of R&D? Here you go son, enjoy"

I'm working on the 185 steam horses kit for my 5
Nothing to add apart from the full monty is on sky just now and there was this old renault 5 on it


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