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no response



:D hi, no response in clubs techno, so can any one tell me which model volvo injectors :twisted: give us more power :cry: please
Hi Jon,

It's the Volvo 740 Turbo injectors, they are the Green Bosch ones with 357 at the end of the serial number(we have 802 on ours I think). You can also use 804's from later volvo 740 and 960 turbos but i think the flow rate is too much???

Anyway seems like your only down the road to me, I live just off j17 M6 your in Cannock, hope to meet up soon...

P.S I got 3 spare 357 injectors so if you can only find the odd one I'll help you make the full set.


Hows it going?

If he doesnt have them off ya, I will......3 is better'n none right. Bring em with thee to Bruntingthorpe if poss :wink:

OK mate how are you?

If Jon doesn't want them you are welcome to them boss(at what they cost me of course!! - ?15). I aint going to the french dat tho :cry: :cry: but I am sure our paths will meet in the near future.

Bonjour for now :wink:

cheers mate but i managed to get a full set today :D and didnt cost me a penny :shock: must of got mixed up with my tools :oops: :lol:
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