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nitrous whats the situation?



has anyone fitted it?,is it any good?,will it all go pear shaped very quickly?just wondered as i haven,t noticed any posts about anyone who has actually fitted it,several asking though,thinking about it but don,t want to melt my engine!
Ex club member Trev Robinson had it in his Quadra amongst toher things, helped him record a 0-60 of 4.84 secs or something like that.

Nitrous is ok as long as you don't abuse it, by that I mean use constantly.
i've had it!!!

up 2 a couple of months ago i had a rapid punto turbo running a wizard of nos system and i would say its def worth havin on a turbo!! although i was only runnin a 25bhp nozzle on it with the charge coolin effect it came out as 39bhp extra on the rollers which wasnt bad for a second hand kit i paid 200 quid for!! with all of these new progressive rate control boxes cumin out a 100 brake shot is easily achievable in a 2ltr car with a solid reliable engine. i found that when the nos was on [even though i was runnin small jets] the car went very well and it made a shithot induction noise! i sold the kit with the car, and guess what? I WISH I HAD KEPT IT! for the sake of 5 quid for a bigger jet my 21 would of been very very rapid!!!! one golden rule though! as long as ur not silly with nos and dont put massive fuckoff jets in it u wont melt pistons, u can use it all day long and the only thing it will cost u is a refill charge at the end of the day! its like with anything like that, know ur limitations
I've used it on a bike for the past two years without any problems, It's pretty much as troy said.

I personally will not run it without a fuel pressure sensor so that in the event of fuel starvation the nos supply is shut off and always err on slightly richer for the fuel. :)



P.S. Things can get a little blurred.
just incase your interested, i bought a wizard of nos/high power system for my 21.

trouble is i blew the car up b4 i got a chance to fit it.
if you want to buy it off me ill let it go for the price i paid for it.
it comes with, 11lb bottle, progressive controller, high power coil, new jets, all instructions and stuff.
let me know.
hi mate i've fitted nos on my 21t and i can tell u it's the dogs do-dos. it does exacly what it says on the tin, instant power no lag, it just goes. igot my kit from ebay for about 235 it's a wiz of nos one, i'm only running 50 jets but it will be more like 65hp because of it being a turbo. the engine,s been re-build but it seem,s to be taking it no problem. i thin the only limting factor is going to be putting the power down, and the clutch.i get torque steer in a straight line in second gear. i think it's really worth it, for the amout of money u spend. :lol: :lol: :lol:

regards johnspin

The J7R engine in a 21T is a solid old brick and will take up to about 100BHP of nos without going pop as long as you dont abuse it. (this is all my personal opinion by the way)
As long as precautions are taken its a great way to boost power without spending a huuuuge amount of wonga.

50 jets are a good start for a mildly modded engine, more will require a bit more modding to compensate for the fuel usage etc.
cheers for the answers

thanks for the positive answers it good to know that there are a few members running nos,i,am now very interested in buying a kit but how much(i know theres one here for ?500)and how hard is it to fit,johnspin did you fit it yourself,my car is running 18psi,and has massive torque steer in second(brand new turbo)what is the best kit and whats the SAFE shots?
best kit is a wet kit as it supplies fules and the nos.

my kit thats for sale cost ?1300 new with the progressive controller and stuff. its a wet kit too
hi mate i did fit the kit myself, but it has to be set up with a 25hp jet to get the mixture right, then u can increse the power as u like. my kit is a wet kit too, from wiz of nos. i all so found were i could get refills for ?3.20 instead of ?5.50 a lb,if any member wants the number please e-mail me .

regards johnspin
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