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Welcome to the nuthouse :D


Indi Sambi of Coventry with White PH2(late) 5/9
Paul Rombat of Essex with Tungsten PH1 28/8
Richard Swannie of Dorset with White PH1 19/8


Daniel Hammond of Devon with Silver PH1 21/7
Paul ferber of Cumbria with Black PH1 21/7
James Lewis of Stoke on Trent with White PH1 20/7
Andrew Webb of Aylesbury with Tungstone Ph2 13/7
Sheldon Hammett of Hants, with Black Quadra 8/7
Paul Chaney of Margate, with Black PH1 7/7
Sami Rautiainen "Sam the Man" of Finland with Silver PH1 2/7


Ricky Ohara of Huddersfield with White PH1 22/6
Frank Vogels of Holland with Red PH1 and Tungy Quadra 20/6 (joined at Zolder)
Jonathon Cooke of Hampshire with Red PH1 11/6
Patrick Davidson of Swansea with White PH1 7/6
Tony Maddocks of Cheshire with Red Quadra 5/6


Jonathon Winn of Nottingham with White PH1 20/5
Stephane Sartout of Limoges(France) with Red PH1 20/5
Andrew Weller of Reading with Tungy PH2 17/5
Steve Barker of Newcastle upon Tyne with Black/silver Quadra 17/5
Leighton Cole of Swansea with Red PH2 17/5
Glen kenan of Kinross with Red PH1 16/5
John Davies of Hednesford with Tungy PH1 13/5
Joe Smith of Swindon with Black PH2 13/5
Sean Arnell of Littlehampton with Red Quadra 13/5 (rejoined)
Troy Hinke of Somerset with Silver PH1 11/5
welcome more the merrier

:D great to see so many cars still alive and motoring there must be a 21turbo epidemic going on :lol: :lol: :D HOW MANY NEW MEMBERS IS THAT THIS YEAR? : :shock:
si21 SE London :lol:

Could those who havent done so amend their profile to reflect where the may be in the country/planet. It would make it easier regards meets and also technical queries to offer help then find it is a 300 mile drive :shock:

a very big point by the smallboy.......filling in the key areas in your profile helps us time we'll be doing an RTOC style map showing where peeps are, but for now the profile is a damn good way of knowing

Cheers Si....

can i give a big thank you to those members that have returned thier renewals not just promptly but have done so over a month in advance, shocked sir? :shock:
cheers everyone......... should give em a bruceybonus lol :D
and they keep on coming, hopefuly after this weekends trip to Zolder we may get a few more european members. :lol:
sorry colin,,not on the list cos u joined in march,,and this list only runs from may, which was the month i had at hand when this thread was started(you were on the list on the old forums lol) :D
Hi Colin,

I was doing it at the time you joined. All the new members that joined at the start of 2004 to end of April 04 were put up but it was on the old forums at the time (b4 they were erased!!) :cry: . So you did get a mention chuckie and members did say hello. Sorry for any incoinveince. :oops:

hi,,one fo the members asked if i could get yellow club stickers for them,,i now have them,,but have forgotten who asked for them :oops: please could you get in touch
cheers lyndon
Hi :!: :) I?m John from Czech Republic, my R21 is grey 2L Turbo Ph1 8) (pics later :oops: )
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