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Hi all,

Great site, just brought a 21T, 1989 PH1, 31000 miles, white 2WD.

Got some mods done, In-car adjustable, full stainless scorpion exhaust (4" Tallpipe), Pipercross filter, Bailey piston dump valve, TSW evo r's.

Fantastic car, brought it off my sisters boyfriend whos had it for 4 years. Its was dry stored for several years. On the day i brought it a small fuel line split and lost me 5 gallons of petrol. He sorted it (Top bloke). Now it firing on 3 cylinders!!!

Great car though, sortin the prob tomorrow (Hopefully). Think a lead aint sitting right but its too dark to be messin now.

Jay. :D :D :D :D :D
:D hi jay welcome to club, your local to me i live in cannock need any help let me know, maybe see you on the streets, lets go :lol: :D jon21t
Hiya mate, im in stoke. Hoping to learn about r21's and all there problems.

Do you know where festival park is in stoke near hanley at all? theres quite a big gathering every sunday down there, lot of boy racers. Havnt been for years, kinda had boring cars for sometime (untill now).

I used to read a lot on this site a while ago when i was thinking of buying a 21t, what happened to the forum? Sure it had a lot more posts.

Jay. :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: (Still happy)
problems, get plenty of those with 21ts , but there f****n fast with sensible mods, do them one stage at a time and dont get tempted to turn the boost up to high before you have mods in place, dont worry youll get plenty of good advice of this forum but every one else must be asleep or on the beer tonite :lol: as for festival not heard of that but i tend to travel brum way, still waiting for news of midlands 21 turbo meeting hopefully see you there if not before jon21t :D :D :D
Welcome to the club Jay.

Nice to see another North west member, we do need to meet up, I'm in Sandbach so maybe a meet in Stoke would be an idea(not keen on mixing it with the boy racers though :roll: .

Hope to see you soon.

hi jay

doh! 2 Jays how confusing is that !!!!! least the new member belongs to the right club PMSL hello mate welcome to the assylum LOL the other j has bought a cossie but ive heard rumours LOL
Hi all,

Been on holiday for the past week so dont think that ive have disappeared.

Martin - Sanbach aint that far from me im in blurton, i know what you mean about festival park though, havnt been there for years. Use to go when i was a little boy racer in my festa's and uno's (We were all 18 once :lol: ) Should meet up somewhere though then soonish.

Posted a pic i took on my phone.
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