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Kris M

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Right, here is a brief story of my cup car for those who haven’t seen it before. The car was originally a Radbourne Racing car (RAD 1) back in the day, driven by Dave Cox, you can see a pic of how it originally looked later in the thread.
I originally bought the car in 2008 from another member JimGTT in Devon, as a non runner. It was bought on abit of a whim with the intention to get it going again and enjoy it !

Jim had only had the car afew months and hadn’t done anything to it. He had purchaced it from a guy called Peter Quinn, whos name is still on the side of the car. He raced the car at Thruxton in the 2004 Renault anniversary race, and also competed in various hillclimbs and sprints in the car.

So in late 2008 I picked the car up from Devon and got it home to Swindon and set about seeing what was what!. The shell (as most cup cars are) was mint, few battle scars but no rust anywhere and had only covered 5k miles. The engine had been rebuilt but was knocking, so I swapped that for a decent running engine. I also replaced the dash loom as that was burned out. I also had to swap the fuel tank as somebody had fitted piece of mild steel pipe between the filler neck and the tank, which had rusted solid and filled the tank with rust, which in turn blocked my fuel filter every 5 mins!
I also had to swap the alternator as the regulator had gone and fryed my battery…..All of this took me a while to figure out and cost me quite afew trackdays sat in the pits !!
Once id got thecar reliable I freshened up the Konis, and the brakes, replaced the seats, and purchased some carbon lorainne pads and some new slicks. I spent the next few years reliably enjoying the car on trackdays, after all the original problems id had ! The spec of the car is original coupe spec

Then……in 2011 I decided to road register the car, why not ?! And to cut a long story short shes since been all round Europe on various events and jollies, including a trip to the south of france with big steve, Mart, and Brigsy in 2012. We did 2500 miles in a week and the car didn’t miss a beat ! Its also been to Belgium afew times etc etc
With the last year being quite quiet, and me buying my first house, the car has been chilling in the garage since last summer. Il dig it out again this summer though

Few old ones of picking the car up, then getting it home and getting stuck in

















Awesome ! Ive never seen any pics of it from the Reunion race. Have you got any others, or some larger copies? Are you the guy I met at Silverstone who helped Quinn with the car? :)
Yes Kris thats me,
Most of the pictures I took that day never got print because the film had deteriated where I left it undeveloped for so long and the ones that were are very blurry or discoloured.
There are one or two more but they are very poor quality.
Hi Rich, I remember :) Ah ok cool, any pics you have would be cool to see, even if they are bad quality...Its been a mystery trying to find any pictures of the Quinn...So annoying Jim didn't get any of the history of the car that Peter had when he bought it from him
Ok thanks Rich, any history / info you know would be great :) I seem to recall Jim telling me that Peter showed him a whole load of stuff when he went to view it, that should of gone with the car when he bough it, but with the rushed collection of the car that I think I explained to you, it wasn't given to him. The circumstances were all abit strange !
I've tried matt. Radbourne are long gone. R Sport is the name of the company who took over from them they race Clio cups now. I have spoken to the guy who is the race leader and worked for radbourne. He didn't wanna give me the time of day! Arrogant bastard he was lol
Well, I MOT`d the cup car last week after being sat in the garage since last August, sailed straight through which was nice. Went out for the first proper boost of 2014 yesterday, id forgotten how fun it is to drive !!! So load inside, il never know how myself and Brigsy managed to drive it to St Trope and back !!





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