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5 GT Turbo My Raider


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Here are some pics of my Raider. these ones are old (a month) i will add some more from my phone. Hope you like.
20131219_132429.jpg 20131219_132429.jpg 20131219_132441.jpg


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well since last being on here i have done loooaaadddssss to the raider. :grin.gif:
fitted front mount intercooler. new blue hoses. taken all the jubilee clips of and replaced with new shiny ones. fixed oil leak. fitted alloy carb top. sorted out the wheels as some bint ran me off the road.:ireful2.gif:. fixed dodgy power cable to starter-motor as it had melted. cleaned block and gearbox and gave them a paint. tainted turbo. fitted greedy dump valve ( i know!!!:yes3.gif:) fitted bleed valve. fitted tubular manifold. clean, refurbished and painted calipers. umm and more.

jobs to do... get some new rear shocks as mine are fubar!! (desperate)
get bigger turbo or modify this one. (t25)
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