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Monkey Puzzle, show of hands?



This Sunday? doesnt clash with England footie like last sunday.

Anyone up for it?
Ape jigsaw!!

Hello Si

I cant make the Puzzle this sunday as I will be in belgium with the others :p :p 8) 8) :D :D

Sorry mate, hope it goes well :wink: :wink:

sorry guys wont be here but my car might be ready ill be in America HOW FRUSTYATING IS THAT MY 21T will be ready an ill be half way round the world LOL PMSL LMFAO STORY OF MY LIFE SO FAR!!!!!!! :roll:

Monkey Puzzle...

Car aint moved in 3 weeks, I cant be arsed with the Sharan. Pauls car is off the road, Andy Wellers top mount has just gone thru the turret...some welding work needed there then.

And above all its Czech Republic v Denmark tonight in the last 1/4 final

Sorry old chap............. :( :) :( :)

Oi wheres' the area rep on a Sunday? He ought to be asking whether his arranged meet will be going ahead or not, not you? :wink: :wink: :wink:
Area Rep

Sorry every-one I can't get internet access at week-ends cos I havent got any at home anymore (didnt pay bill cos BT are crap)! I can use it in the week from work. And before you ask how am I on it now - its because I got called into to work at an unsaintly hour :evil:

Ive lost track of when the next meet is so could some-one put me back on track and I will get it sorted :wink:

Apologies every-one :D

If you cant get access to the 'net and you need info or to post then bell me and i can sort it.
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