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For Sale Megane 1.9 Dci Estate


Gone but not forgotten
Right... where to start with this....
its a 53 plate Megane estate. thats been..... eerrrr modified!
I've ended up with it as one of my younger members of staff bought it as a first car... then couldn't insure it! as usual I took pity on him and swapped him a clio I had!
Right, the good bits
141k miles and as its a 1.9 and not destroyed itself... its got to be a good 'un
its had all the boxes removed from the exhaust and a tail pipe welded on, sounds... different
new egr valve and MAF
has 12 months Mot and 6 months tax
just had cambelt and aux belt
new handbrake cables
4 new tyres, well I put 2 on the front for the MOT and the guy that it was bought off had just put 2 on the rear
new ebc black stuff pads on the front
its lowered
tinted windows
new bottom arm (ball joint)
and top mount bearings
we where told it was chipped. and to be fair it goes ok!

bad bits
sump has a leak, it looks like its been welded in the past and has started to weep on a weld
the lowering springs keep moving in the top mounts. the 1.5 and 1.9 have different springs so i'm thinking its got the 1.5 springs in it
interior has a fag burn here and there (not me! don't smoke!)
and it has an orange renault badge on the front... no I don't know why either
and its missing the rear diamond off the boot! If I get chance to go to the scrappy I'll pick one up
the nsr sill just before the wheel has been hit and there are a few dents all over the car. but its 11 years old and done 141k!
the 'check injection' & 'Service' lights are on. I've plugged it in and says glow plug relay. well its not! its one of the glow plugs has failed! but its seized in the head! now its always started first time every time, and i've wiped the faults and some times they stay out for the day, week and other times come straight back on!

tbh I've spent too much on it but we've already for 3 cars, the neighbours are moaning and tbh I could do with some space back on the drive

So who wants to make me an offer........

pics to come when I work out how to use photobucket
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