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Maxpower Live


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The time is upon us once again for the bling boys with poilsh fetishes to 'come out' in public :oops: .......and I don't mean 'Gayboy bailout of Belgium' Atkins finally admitting he's gay either!!! :D
From the 2nd to the 4th of July is Maxpower Live at the Birmingham NEC.
Now we've had this discussion time and time again but I must stress.....THIS SHOW IS ONLY OPEN TO MEMBERS WHO HAVE MODIFIED AND/OR MINT EXAMPLES. Sorry but it's not my rules,it's not a club show,its a modified car show.....and yes it's gonna be full of 1 litre Corsa's with bodykits so heavy that they probably never reach 60...SO.....
For those members who have modified examples, (that MUST be clean)
please either contact me or reply here,as I need an idea of how many tickets to try and blag!!!
There maybe a possibility that they'll ask for pictures of the cars that are attending,but i'll let you all know.
And finally......No,i'm not taking over from the events organizer,it's just that this has been my deal for the last 3 years and seems silly to pass it over now :p
Click the link below for all the details of the show

Look forward to seeing you all there
Roger (07974 657586)
Not this year mate.......

I certainly wont be there, its hardly modded, its hardly mint anymore. Nope if I do go, ill be getting the train up, and concerning myself with the Spearmint Rhino tent :wink: :wink:


p.s the same weekend its Retro Car day....Triumph Dollys, Mexicos, Hillman Imps, Alfasuds excellent stuff....... :p
max p live

hi rog
sorry about delay in replying
i would like to go but can only get the sunday off work
if this is ok please let me know.
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