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Marks RX7 - lets break a rotary.

Mark Davis

Superglue skill level : unreal
Also to update the thread. The RX7 has covered around 80 miles, he’s just sorting the water injection which should be done this week so with any luck I’ll have it back in a week or so.

There is a 7s event on 11th July in Somerset that I’m hoping to attend so hoping it’ll be back by then.


Staff member
Well if anyone fancies it in a few weeks let me know.
I think currently its £10 per booking slot limited to 2 hours, so we might want to wait until that restriction is lifted or we could all end up being there at different times and being booted before the rest arrive lol

Mark Davis

Superglue skill level : unreal
So Tuesday didn’t happen due to some issues with oil feed and return. Basically Holset recommend a 19mm oil return and ideally a -3AN feed. Unfortunately the feed was a -4 and the return on -10 which if I recall is around 12mm diameter and nowhere near large enough.

Of course this meant a smokey turbo and the car using a little bit too much oil, even for a rotary. So with a restrictor in the feed this probably has been solved but I may need to increase the return size, luckily a mate has loads of OE Holset returns that I can amend.

interestingly they mod the oil pressure to be vastly increased. At cold idle the car sees 120psi and at hot idle 60psi. Suffice to say under load likely seeing 70-80psi. Holset don’t like much more than 60psi by all accounts.

So courier is booked, should be back with me tomorrow around 5pm. It’s been road mapped to 12psi and a low limiter of 7000rpm. His ass dyno reckon around 450 even around this performance. With 20psi and 9k it’s gonna be scary lol.


Staff member
I think you were a bit premature changing the TRE. I think a little rubber was still attached to the bottom bit.

Looking forward to lots of pics and videos.
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