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Magazine Recommendations?

Big Steve - Raider

Raspberry Ripple
Staff member
So what Magazines do you guys real/recommend? I've been a subscriber to EVO for many years but recently cancelled it because I feel like the multi million ££ cars they feature every month are although great to read, have no bearing on my real life. So I wondered if you had any others you recommend? I've had a flick round a few other options:
  • Top Gear Mag - Much like EVO
  • Retro Cars - My current favourite
  • Practical Classics - Too much focused on British cars from the 60's - 70's (MGB's, Stag's, Morris Minor's etc..)
  • Practical Performance Car - Promises a lot but the features seem to run out of steam very quickly & you don't know what's going on with various projects
I read Retro car as it has a mix of everything! Makes, styles, age etc I think it's a good read for the money (especially as I don't have to pay for it!!! :D
Bring back Max Power, from the days of Rieger kits and Tiger Stripes!
First copy of max power I bought had a gold veilside supra on the front with 700hp written across it, and ever since buying that I've been into tuning cars lol :D

But id have to say the same Steve, Retro cars gets my vote at the moment, that and I think performance French cars do some good reviews now, the last one had some nice cars in it.
I used to read Retro Cars all the time but not anymore unless there is a certain feature i want to read, I have abaolutly no interest in stripped out track cars and I find RC & to a degree PFC feature a lot of that nowadays.
EVO can be good, I like the way it's writin but as said its full to much of ££££££ cars.
PPC ... Stopped reading that years ago.
Top Gear, never bought a copy, and probably never will.
The 2 mags I find myself buying every month now are Practical Classics and Classics Monthly, there is a lot of the MGB / Triumph stuff in there but there is a lot of other stuff aswell, and over the last 2 years more 80's & 90's metal is getting featured.
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