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mad as f**k intercoolers



eh nice 2 c i got ur attention! what i would like 2 know is if anyone can help me with any interestin intercooler upgrade storys, im thinkin of upgradin soon and was wonderin what poeple tend 2 fit in the 21'ts, i thought of junkin the intercooler above the rad and fit a larger 306td item infront of the rad OR placin it flat somewhere in the engine bay gettin the bonnet done by cool lovres {facin the lovres towards the wind} for the coolin and maybe slappin 1 of those nitrous injection intercooler core coolin systems which r suppose 2 give 10% increase in power [?200 on ebay] what do u think???????????????? 8)
One more thing to add.
The bigger the intercooler, the better is cooling, it's easy. But. The bigger the intercooler, the bigger is the volume of your intake system, the more time is needed to reach definit boost pressure, the bigger is turbolag. + more effictive cooling of the air reduces it's volume and than even more time needed for the same boost pressure.
So your new intercooler have to be not too large

I just found a front mount cooler with ally ends in the skip of a renault dealer!

One small puncture easily cured with some chemical metal. :D :D :D
Its nearly as big as my rad! RESULT.
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