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loss of dash?



my car has started popping the fuse for the instrument cluster,
speedo works but revs, oil, water and worst of all petrol dont work.
it popped a 10a fuse and i replaced it with a 15a cos its all i had, then it went again and i had to use a 20a fuse.
its just gone again, 3rd time in 2 days.
any1 had a similar problem or do i start tracing wires?

Mine cured itself before i figured out what it was, its a short somewhere. The speedo is mechanical drive, thats why it still works when all the electrical gauges go dead. If you put bigger fuses in there youll lose the protection provided by a fuse and melt some wires, which is bad. I think i remember it taking out my rear o/s tail light as well, so check that. Mine started doing it after i took the dash out to do the heater matrix and stopped after i took the dash half out again for something else. Maybe you put a screw through a wire or summat? Or maybe a short on the taillight circuitboard?

Good luck (lol) :wink:
only reason i pout bigger fuses in is cos they were all i had and i needed to know how much petrol i had. lol

i havent taken out the dash at all and not moved any screws dunno y its happened?

will check the lights tho.
hope this goes away on its own but dont think it will. lol
you will have to disassemble the dash and check if there is continuity between all the feed wires (+) and the ground points (any naked bit near the dashboard) if the tester goes to "0" then you found the subsystem causing the short.
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