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looking for a well modded 21


ralph wiggum

like the title says, looking for a well modded , proven quick 21 turbo, just interested to see if there are any around :oops:

finding it very hard to source the above, would be willing to pay the appropriate

I got one mate, will have a decent spec inc a stainless and filter minimum.

Picking it up saturday and need to do a few bits to it, got a really sweet lump to go in it too.

Check it out....

If you're asking ? wise, i dont know for sure yet but it will be very reasonable to a good home, nowhere near 4 figures.
hmm looking for something different really than that dave, i'll keep looking though

dAVE that is a clean set of wheels shouldnt have many probs selling her ya pimp LOL
Funny guy

Theyre going in the bin mate, its coming with a nice set of ph1 wheels, but may stick a set of aftermarkets in with the deal for the right ? :D

1 is this sold??
2 if not how much is it if it is for sale?
3 Sorry for being a pest :p
Phil, you can reach Ralph on RTOC......ill go on there and PM him telling him there is a message waiting on RTOC :wink:

if only this came up for sale a while back lol

thats not to say i'm not interested ;)
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