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Look at the mileage on this 21t!

Damm.. just notice the link was from the website. Im gonna have to lay off the drinking. well its 1:50am and downed too many beers. Im actually surprised i can still type, allbut very slowly

Ignore me.

:roll: :roll:
yeh the milage is low, it only did a few rallies before she was mothballed,, i have heard though that the milometer is usualy disconnected in what the actual milage on the car is i dont know..

yes the roll cage was fitted realy well,,,almost surgical precision,,,

looks like our members need to look more at the website and follow all the links,,there is a surprising amounf of stuff under all them headings and links, lol :D
You know what else i just noticed? I carnt tell the time. Check the time i posted and the time i wrote on the message! :lol:

Beer=poor eyesight
:roll: :roll:

Any yeah that rollcage is a piece of art.
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