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Longshot - Scenic II Steering lock issues...


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Long shot but it's a Renault and a Turbo so worth an ask. My 2004 Scenic wont start. It said Steering Locked, even though it wasnt, and hence would not turn the starter. I sent the steering lock off to be refurbed but got it back today and it still doesnt seem to work. Apparently holding the start button for 8 seconds should make the pin retract which it is not doing. Now I need to check the fuses but that looks like a complete nightmare as it would appear you need to remove the fuse box from the engine bay to do so !. That's why I got the lock refurb as it was the easier option and supposedly a common problem. Has anyone got any experience of how I can actually get at the damn fuses without resorting to removing the whole fuse box. Or does anyone know if its possible to check for power at the steering lock connector, what pins should I check ?. I've completely had it with this car now. In the 4 years I have owned it I have had to spend thousands keeping it going, new turbo @ 60k miles, dashboard, heater motor, egr valve, etc etc. Every time I have it repaired I hope I can make it limp on a little longer to recoup some of the money I have spent but no something else fails. Spend over a grand this month alone and now it wont even start !. Help !!!
Press and hold the Start button for a period of at least 5 secs but no more than 10, and then release it and retry it. If that doesn't work - press the Start button in five times... pressing and releasing fully and then - after the fifth time leave it 5 secs then retry it... it should reset it but the fault might return if the cause hasn't been cured.
Thanks for the reply guys. Tried exactly the same procedure today, hold the start button for 8 seconds, but with the other key card. What do you know it worked so perhaps one key card is a master so to speak ?.
might also be worth checking the battery is ok. had this same issue last year with the mrs 1.6 drove me mad as it was only doing it intermitantly and as above was checking the key cards wiring ect and it turned out the battery was on its way out and the electrics did not like it.
Also.... I found out the other day..... that they are coded to the bloody ECU.... well they are if they have been used with the last 4 versions of 'clip'

stupid bloody french cars
Also.... I found out the other day..... that they are coded to the bloody ECU.... well they are if they have been used with the last 4 versions of 'clip'

stupid bloody french cars

Got to agree with that sentiment. I sorted the steering lock and then on Friday the handbrake decided to give up !!. This has to be the worse car I have ever owned. Whereas my 5 is definitely the best car I have had. I'm getting shot now as had enough so it's going on ebay as spares or repair. Real shame as I have spent over a grand in the last few weeks alone which I won't recoup.
tbf..... I can't moan too much! My Megane *touch wood* has never died or let me down

Naomi's CC is just..... amazing

the scenic..... well its a 1.5dci.... its done 200k! and its been parked up since jan! got the steering lock sorted and it fired up first go! can't moan too much but they do seem to have confused themselves as to what the car needs to do to make it start!!!!
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