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Larger Brakes



Hi People,

Anyone know of any larger front brakes that fit the 21? I was thinking maybe a Volvo T5R as Volvo normally borrow Renault's bits and bobs LOL

Re: Brakes....

I believe someone mentioned a while ago that the Safrane/Laguna V6 uses bigger discs on the front (305mm rings a bell for some reason) however I don't know whether the calipers are different and I don't know anyone who's actually done this conversion. The only other factor to bear in mind is the offset of the discs maybe different to the R21 Turbo.
Prima Racing do a 4 pot conversion with huge 2 piece discs,but unfortunately you have to pay the price.....think last time I looked was around ?700 :shock:
Failing that,I can recommend a brake setup that will blow your mind for shear stopping power....
1/Black Diamond grooved discs
2/Pagid Fast road pads
These brakes will stand it on its nose at 100mph with almost zero fade (Silverstone last year!!)
Not found a better setup yet and those that have taken my advise have been happy with the results :D
Hope this helps (you got me thinking now!!)
Roger (21TOC Technical)
Green stuff

Roger my friend we need to have a race, 100-0, about time we settled this brake thing i reckon? LOL

Tarox 40-groove and green stuff pads are the Daddy!
Get your ABS fully operational and you don't need to uprate size wise unless you drive LOL :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I Think some Alpine discs are bigger too, but you'll need to get caliper adapters made i think you'll find.... :D
Cheers guys,

My main objective is of course ABS but I do get a bit of brake fade from time to time, See you all tomorrow :wink:

cant agree more

my tungsten had abs that worked shame the bird i let drive it couldnt find the pedal properly lol never again but those breaks were the best id ever had until a bit of lairy a n b road work n they faded as quick as the S**T left me arse PMAOL :shock: :eek: :!:
Re: working ABS

You HAVE to have working ABS on your pikey-mobile bring those 2nd hand green stuff pads to a standstill......coz they ain't gonna do it on their own lmao :D
'Greenstuff.....brake pads made out of wood for the ultimate in zero feedback' :lol: :lol: :lol: oh yeah,and for tight arses who fit em 2nd hand!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Back at ya baby!!!
Must say.........

Green stuff just dont work for me, overshot a roundabout on way home from French Day, almost had an Elise in my lap........but the best bit was, once id removed that multispark king lead thingy, I could plant my foot and whoop his arse in a str8 line for giving me the middle finger at the roundabout :p :p :p

I have had brake fade from day one with Greens, im now going Prento Racing Pads......see what happens there

Break or brake?

No offence to the K man, but the mintex 1155 (considering the apparent disk munching spec) are gay. Top notch for the dollar, but i can make em fade, smoke, smell bad and generally be non-stopping without a prob. On the same disks the greenstuff were much better.

Maybe it's just my brakes are better than yours? :wink: :wink:
You just won't listen.......Regarding your last post!!

Ain't that a self description you half wit???
1/you are gay
2/you're fading fast (er than your green stuff!!)
3/you used to smoke (well your right hand does on many occations) :lol:
4/oh yeah and finally......YOU SMELL BAD!!!! :lol: :lol:

Green stuff are still as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition!!!!!

Hell yeah this is what im talking about, Rog v Dave banter......ooooo its been about how long????

Gotta be 18 months since it was this good.

Bababadada Im loving it

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