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Laguna 2 1.9 dci wipers not working


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ok long shot but not sure if anyone has any clues or tips to sorting it. I jumped in the car a few days ago, caught the wiper stalk and pulled it down past its full fast position. Smacked it back up and all seemed fine. Started the car, no wipers front or rear no wash wipe nothing except the trip button working. No biggy, i got another stalk at the scrappy. Still didnt work. So took them both apart and all work fine internally. Checked all fuses and all fine, pulled some relays and nothing changed. If you move the wipers out of park position and then put the key in they wipe and return to park. Stumped now? any ideas? Finding a wiring diagram for the car on the net is hard work.
Wire brush and WD40, Take wiper arms off, take wiper linkages off, clean serrated parts of linkage (gears - where the wipers sit on) with the steel wire brush and coat the gears and all parts of wiper assembly and wiper motor linkage with WD....The slaguna has a sensor where if the wipers are stuck or need lubricating power is automatically cut to the wiper motor if I remember rightly.

I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like the typical stupid sort of thing Renault would do.
Going over it now, no signs of damage anywhere, also tried the wiper stalks with no casing on to manually actuate the switches and got nothing. Just pulled all relays from the uch so will check them and then pull the uch and check for damage. Thing is I broke the stalk with no power on so can't understand why any electrical damage would of occurred
Ok after removing all and putting back I found a hidden blown fuse. Wipers now working, but front windows, main beam and wingmirrors have stopped pmsl!
mine did this the other day , and guess what it was the brake light fuse , French electrics , so if the brake light fuse blows , you get no wipers or wash . great renaults
looks like the fuse i replaced was for electric seat, i dont have them?? windows and stuff was my fault, i didnt seat one of the connectors into the uch properly. all sorted now and everything back working, with the original wiper stalk. odd french car lol
You say that 'French wiring' but iirc, the R5 has the dash lights wired through the rear lights? So if you blow a tail light, you lose the dash lights too!?! I could be wrong. It was over 20 years ago I remember this on my mates GTT.
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