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Laguna 2 1.9 DCi Cutting Out


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The ol faithful £250 Slaguna has served me well for nearly 6 months... Up until yesterday.

Since i've owned it, it's hesitated now and then ever so slightly and put it down to the EGR. Yesterday a couple of times on acceleration i had thick black smoke, then last night the STOP and battery light fIicked up and cut engine power then fired up again... Okaaaay, carried on driving, 5 miles later going round a corner it does it again at about 35mph, but more lights come on the dash, loses power, no power steering, still have lights.... Then cuts back in and warning lights turn off. But after that it's doing it every minute or so, i manage to get the car back home but baffled as to why it's doing it.

I'm now having to use the Clio to get to work which isn't ideal but getting me out of a situation. Can anyone pont me in the right direction

@CRM ?
As Matt said your best bet is getting the ECU read. If it flashed up a STOP error on the dash there will be some information on the error that will save you tarting about :)
Thanks chaps, i just need to get my hands on an obd reader. I was thinking of buying a cheapie one off Ebay for the clio emissions light would it also do the basic fault codes for the Laguna? Need it back on the road so i'm not using the Clio as a workhorse again
Ok, had a play about after work and took the engine cover off. First thing the EGR area with the I/C pipe were covered in black oily gunk so I blasted this off with brake cleaner ( only thing to hand)

I've taken some pics, what I did find was a vacuum pipe blanked off and assume this runs somewhere. I checked the web for pics and it seems like it runs like the pic setup below. So pic with the hose as it is and pic as I think it should. Any reason why they'd blank it off? The car fired up no probs, after cleaning the area I drove it round the block and it seemed all ok and even ran without any juddering.

I also tested the battery and alternator just in case.
Battery: 12.25V
On Idle: 14.1V
Under Load: 13.96V

Vacuum pipe
farm6.staticflickr.com_5571_14708191404_f72e2eccc9_z.jpgphoto 5 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

Where I think the pipe should run to
farm6.staticflickr.com_5588_14708192544_b89893d6b2_z.jpgphoto 4 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

farm6.staticflickr.com_5556_14523929758_2706c03513_z.jpgphoto 1 by Ricard o1, on Flickr
I'm gonna give it a run out tonight to see how she goes, i have breakdown cover just in case :grin.gif:

I'd like to clean out the EGR valve when i get more time and will buy that code reader too as it's cheap. Fingers crossed it's sorted 'itself' out.
That pipe was blanked off and been like it since i've owned it.

Had the code reader on it yesterday and there were a few stored faults, cleared them, took it for a drive then checked again for faults...... Nothing, so at the moment it starts ok and drives so i'll see how it goes from now on to see whether it does it again.
Shame you not up here matey I'd of chucked clip on it for you!

If anyone is in the northwest and needs gen. Diagnostics just pop and see me and I'll dig it out from under the bed
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