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knackered quadra for sale




just taken my quadra for MOT, its very poorly, what with me just moved and stuff too poorly for my wallet to be fixed, so its got to go.

it has MOT til june 9th and tax till at least then, it needs fair bit of welding, and at least the following, new exhaust, new windscreen and a clutch at the very least (can scan failure sheet if required and mail 2 u) it had new rear discs, callipers and pads in february (?500 odd quid) reciepts to prove, various boost pipes, tank straps etc and other little things (renault receipts to prove), car owes me a fair bit of money, but not too sure what its worth, unfortunately i know its worth far more as a breaker, but i share the same views as u lot, in that theres not many left and its a shame but at the end of the day money makes the world go round.

open to offers, im in petersfield, hants (15 miles north of portsmouth) my mobile number is 07736241035, email address is [email protected] its gonna be in the local paper at the weekend if not sold by the next weekend its a breaker.
ta muchly
stuff i forgot

should of mentioned other stuff like, its a 1990 'H' plate phase 2 of course, its got a well lane dump valve, hybrid turbo, good tyres all round with 2 brand new tyres as spares, a rear seat bottom, it needs a distributor cap, has a fully working sunshine roof, has a bells and whistles remote pager start alarm (dont like cold mornings me) oh and it goes like stink........

Black quadra

It's the old fajqoir mobile lads!!! :lol: :shock: :wink:

Also owned by rich garside.

How much are you looking for mate? I can do all the work, but im not a rich man, like most of the other chappies on here.
Be a shame to see it go, had some good times in that car!!!!!
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