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Hi all,
especially anyone down south,
found this event that is being held near Chatham in Kent
it is on the 1st August, a Sunday and it's only a fiver to get in , so no excuses,
sounds like a good day out.
if enough people are interested may be sarah could find out about a club stand.

leave a reply if you want to go
Re: Kent Show

Sounds good, its on the same day as Redline TOTB II in Elvington Airfield, Nr York but that is ?20 per person and ?15 advanced...booo!! So this one in Kent sounds better, can you get some more details on this one Steve. Cheers babe :wink:
hi sarah,
i realised after that 10ofbest is on the same day, but then i thought that seeing as ultimate street car is on following weekend (6 - 8 aug.)
that we could do that insted this year and still go to the kent show
just a thought.
oh......... website is
hope this helps
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