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Just to say.....



Ive fitted a set of Prento Power Pads via Mintex and first signs are very good.......they urinate all over my previous GreenStuffs, which (imo) were just compacted camel shit painted green :D :D :D :D
Yup the Prento jobbies bite well, even with my really really poo calipers and general shite braking system....only the ABS works proper :wink:

Anyway bye for now

You tasteless tossbag londoner :wink:

The mintex fade quicker than michael barrymore's career. Ill be back on greenstuff unless i find anythin better in the meantime.

Be warned, and i'm being serious here, they bite well to a certain point and drop off a tiny bit, but when they go they go FAST. You can feel the pedal go halfway through a big stop sometimes.
Oh really....

well thank you for that ;-) ill have to keep a eye I mean toe out for that.

If these are no good, ill try Rogers Pagid things, then it'll be main dealer only thanks


Who flushed ur chain? Ya 2 bob Ford driving silverback........

I got a set of these to try waiting in Sweettooth Motors Garage..

Lee - I know this has been mentioned before(on the old forums I think), which discs do you prefer? Where did you get em from and how much of the realm do they cost?

after being a passenger in rogers, oopppss sorry sarah's 21 on sat afternoon

and seeing rogers face when he had the biggest amount of brake fade i've seen since i wore out greenstuff's on a old road rally car, i was a little worried

think rog was too esp with the BIG "GIVE WAY" sign at the end of the road

oh and they smell too - or maybe that was just roger ;)

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