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Introduce yourself

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over the last week or two,,we'v had a few join up to our new fora,, be good if everyone says a quick hello and a few words about yourself/interests,,its one way we can get to know each other
lyndon 21TOC Membership
just to start you off

moi,,been in the club since the begining, currently doing the membership side of things for the club, not technicaly minded at all,,so leave that to some of the others, had 21T for over 6yrs now, and have what some would call a serious fetish,, oops i mean addiction,
have several 21T(work in slow progress) spend silly amount of hours looking for anything 21T related. have a website too, please have a look when you have the time,
oohh heres the fleet






and lizzys baby
hi all,
i have had 21t's for about four years now.
i currently own 2 of them 1x2wd and 1xquadra both black
i enjoy the cars and this club and meeting fellow members/enthusiasts
into car show and cruises (legal and not so) and anything car related, and i live in essex.
look forward to hearing/meeting some new faces, as well as all the usual ones in the near future.
Hi everyone

Hi I have spoken to a couple of you guys so thought i would introduce myself to you all

I have a 1990 Black phase 2 quadra which came originally from another member of the club, it is finally fully rebuilt after ages and loads of problems, it is quite high spec, it runs a dream now however the jobs never end, sunroof cooling fan problems, water hoses etc etc
anyhow put a pic on of it and thought i would say hello !

Hi all, my name is Martin I'm 28, Blonde 44-38-35 :oops: too much info!!

I have owned 21 Turbos(12 in total, a record surely?) for the last 7 years, can't get enough of them!!!

I currently have 2 Quadras, one good one not so LOL!

Been in the club for 3 years, it's had it's bad times, and it's good times, looking back though I have never regretted joining. All the help and info not to mention new friends I have gained out of this club has been brilliant.

Hope to meet up soon and looking forward to Belgium including my pilgreage to my Fatherland.

Bonjour for now...

I'm Dave S. Me Lyndon and Roger make up the 3 members of the anorak squad :wink:

Ive owned a few in my time, including the new aquisition from saturday i make it 13 in all (sorry martin lol). Still have my first one, had it since 1996 although its poorly and missing some bits :cry:

I Love old skool Renaults, I also have a phase 1 11 Turbo and my mrs has a phase 1 9 Turbo i gave her for xmas 2002.
Anyone can call me for help or advice on their cars, even for help with fixing 'em as we all know what garage monkeys are like with specialist cars :shock: :roll:

Welcome to all new members, great to see new blood, all the regulars are getting boring :wink:
And im.........

Lee Atkins aka la21t, started my club life in October 01' as member 101 and now ive read somewhere that im Chairman of the club....malicious rumour methinks lol :eek:

Ive owned 10 (i think) in various states of disrepair lol....4 black, 2 were D.O.A 2 Red one still lives the other should be living but our V.C killed it :( 2 Blue, Smallboy owns one, the other has just arrived in stock and 1 white (D.O.A) and 1 grey (just sold it)....
Im not quite in the anorak squad with the others and im glad

Seriously the club has had both good and bad times, but we wouldnt be a bunch of humans if we didnt eh? Nowt beats turning up for a meet and seeing loads of us in full effect. (oops i mentioned beat and meet in the same sentence again doh!)

Be really nice to see the newer members among us a bit more, espec at events cos seeing Dave take his car apart on the grass is becoming a big yawn now. :wink:

See ya
Hello my names Phil :D - I've been in the club since April 03. Since then I've had 3 21's. A silver 2wd E-plater :D which i sold recently and miss very much :cry: . I then bought a Tungsten 2wd for parts, which I sold to another member and is now back on the road :D And now Ive got a green 2wd phase2 which is the ex Jav Ali car from a few years back :mrgreen:

Since being in the club Ive thouroughly enjoyed meeting new people and faces. The area meets and club days are the dogs dangly bits :D
Im off to belgium too in a couple of weeks with some of the other members and can't wait :p :p

Oh and Im also the southern area rep, so you can call me when you like to enquire about area meets and things.

And whys that i ask?

Oh yeah, cos my car is never ready as i spend all my time fixing everyone elses first!!!

TELL me its not true sphincter boy?!?!?! :wink:
Lee mate, you have left some of the black protective cover on your new windscreen, better take it off as you surely can't see out of it! :?
i,am dave

yep another dave,iam always on here asking stupid mindless questions but always get a good response,own a pre-launch phase 1(registered 6/5/88)my bady never ever gets used in the rain,never driven on wet roads in my ownership/collect literture(same as lyn)bit of a sad case but i only use her when i want,and god does she make me smile,more than my wife does!i have worked for renault for 12 years,in parts,also like the old 9/11/fuego turbos,but only have the 21 turbo,fantastic car for the outlay,might sell her but thats on hold!
Hi All,

Smallboy here, also known as Si. been a member since xmas time, on my 2nd 21t now, had a red ph1 with nowt by issues, got a nice blue ph2 which as you can see by my sig it slowly getting there.

Work in I.T. as a consultant but currently sorting out my Microsoft Certs.

Looking after the current Website, when time allows, bit of fits and starts between exams at the Mo.

based in Surrey and always keen to get together with others.
Heya, I thought I would drop in and say hi.
Ive had my turbo for about 3 years now and its starting to get pretty old but it still goes well despite the few problems I have :)

Im going to have to consider actually joining this club as im sure i'll get loads of info from here.

In the non car world I work behind a bar and do computer art. A couple years ago I used to work as a computer games artist for a little dartford based company which made the Player manager and kick off series of games.
Hi I'm tony

Ive just joined the club after owning my quadra for a couple of month's.

I live in a small town thats like something from the league of gentlemen.
As I'm new to this car I will be asking lots of daft question's over the next few months so i'm afraid you lot will have to bear with me.

I am also looking forward to meeting some of the other members over the next few months and seeing if there can't be some northen meets arranged.

Whilst i'm here I had better say thanks to dave sibley for offering to help me do my clutch :D

SPHINCTER Boy?!?!?!? WTF you talkin about now eh????

Lynx SC - would that be Anco, with Steve Screech and Dino Dini god them games were by far the best available......mind u Sensi Soccer did run rings around afterwards as a package. Kick Off 2 was without doubt the dobermans undercarriage though :wink:

MVS - Lol.......if it does anything it enhances my driving as I can only see whats in front of me, mind you, I have to open the sunroof to see the lights change :D :D

Hi Guys and Girls,

Had my red phase one for about a year now, and still loving it. I did also have a grey phase 2 that I was gonna get on the road but thought I would spend my time on the phase 1, so I sold that one to my parts manager.

As for work, I'm the workshop Manager for van Aaken, so I've seen and worked on many 21's over the years.

Yup, I used to work for ANCO with steeve skreech and Anthony kien, The boss made some silly decisions and the company went boom and made us all redundant :(
To be honest, I prefered sensible soccer too, damn sight easier to play ;)
It was easier but.........

nothing quite beat 'aftertouch' as seen in Kick Off 2.......I still remember the could change kit colours, you could do overhead kicks. Oh and steer clear of Steve Skreech the referee lol red card happy.
If I remember Dino went to Virgin to do Kick Off 3 didnt he? Which failed miserably imo....

Ahhh bring back the Amiga :D :( :D :( :D
well i used to own a grey p1 which the ole skool members will remember but now i have a new baby...hush hush.. :lol: :lol:
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