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I gave up


Gone but not forgotten
yes its true i gave up with my car - it died - i bought all the stuff - started but gave up

then a phone call from Naomi to a certain person saw naomi and my dad vanish one night

pah - did i care - i hope'd they'd scrapped it

but after dropping off my turbo 2 off at dynotec, and thumb'in a lift back of roger who happened to be there

i worked out that i'd better ring my dad to pick me and N up


thats where i was wrong

what was sitting at reno coalville???

my quadra, completely finished, new engine and CLEAN (yeah i dont' think i've ever cleaned it ;-))

one run for a pizza later - i think i can firmly say

i've missed my 21!!!!

So a big thanks to Rog & Sarah @ reno Coalville, and my babe Naomi for not leaving it up to me to finish it!!!!!

right - all i need now is my turbo 2 back

think i'm in love with cars again

Never fear sir, the 21 will have you in tears again soon enough.
re: gave up

Hi moggs,

I told you a little TLC here would do the trick :wink: . I'm glad your HAPPY again.........not long to go now!!!! Belguim here we come!!!! :D

See You 2 Very Soon!! :D
Dirty quadra's

Sarah get that rent boy of a hubby of yours over here to do my wiring fault on mine too then :D
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