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Hello one and all. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the invite to this new Forum. Here is a little bit about myself. I brought my first Renault 5 Gt Turbo in 1994. It was a low mileage, very low owner Tungsten Grey J Reg. Which I still own to this day. I took it off the road in 2000 where it has been dried stored since. It gets regular visits and started up to get to temperature. I also have tucked away a low mileage C Reg Phase 1 Electric Blue Renault 5 GT Turbo.

I currently have 35 Renault 5 Gt Turbos, 2 Renault 11 Turbos, 1 Renault 9 Turbo and a good collection of Fords. I know this isn't a Ford forum but I appreciate both, as they come from a great era (the 80s) my youth.

I started Gt Turbo Spares when I my father decided enough was enough and he didn't want the cars and parts taking up room at the family home. So I was given my marching orders. It was a real eye opener when I had to find somewhere for the parts and cars I had collected over the years. New Phase 1 Kits, New Phase 2 Body kits, New Spare Wheel cages, New Battery Trays, New Front window surrounds, alot of hard to find / source parts. Then there were the everyday items that I brought when local Renault dealerships closed.

I have alot of older stock from the earlier Renaults but I have no idea what it is. Need time to look up part number etc. We have a workshop where we offer everything from an oil change to a complete restoration. If you would like to look on our website you will see some of the engines builds we have done, restoration work, Alloy wheel refurbishment and the Carburettors we offer. We were given the opportunity to service and maintain the 17k Tungsten Grey Renault 5 Gt turbo which sold recently. We also look after the Renault publicity car that you may have seen on Top Gear Etc.

Here are a few pictures of some of our work and cars.
Many thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Thanks Mike
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Thought so yeah will have to come to a meet when the 5 is back on the road mate your mum and dad still down lower Morden ?
Great stuff! Feel free to post part numbers here, we'll all muck in with looking it all up.

Let me know if you have any Fuego or Ph1 R9Turbo stuff lying about :D
Yes, it would be good to meet. Why not pop along to the meet held in Surrey always a good turn out. 1st Wednesday of every month. As the year progresses and the weather gets better there will be even more turbo charged Renaults and other classics.

Will you be coming to Ace this month?
It's hard for me Mike as I work nights have to book the night off :( going to get the 5 back on the road in april so will come to a surrey meet then not going to make ace on Monday
Great to see you on-board, Mike :cool:

How much d'you charge to refurb' a set of o.e ph2 alloys?

Whitey's have seen better days, and it's something I keep pondering on getting done.
I've been known to burn down to Ace on occasion, lemme know what 9 bits you have, i've been building up a new/good used parts stash for years! Did you know Sparco made a strut brace for the 9/11Turbo? I managed to lay my hands on a brand new one believe it or not lol. It's still in the bag, to this day.
Hi Dave, yes and OMP did one. At French Car Show a few years ago I had a stand next to OMP and they hadn't seen one for a while. Brought a smile to our faces. Still have that tucked away in one of the units.
Hi Mart, depends on if they need alloy welding to remove some of the curbing. If you can drop the car in it will also save on postage etc.

They don't need any welding mate. Just literally cleaning up & making like new again.

It'll be cheaper to post, given up I'm in the N.E these days :D
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