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Heya, Quick question on Dumpvalves and wheels and more....



This is my 1st post so be gentle.. :p

I have a 1989 F reg Renault 21 Turbo, a few months ago something went bad inside and the turbo stopped working. It basically sounded like there was a dumpvalve on it but the turbo wasnt spinning.
So we managed to trace the problem, not to the turbo but to the pipe leading to the 1st intercooler. BIG whole, I taped it up as a quick fix which has helped a great deal.
So the 1st question, does anyone have a pipe that ive split, im not sure on its name but its below the air filter.

Second, now that its fixed im starting to wonder about getting a dump valve fitted. What types can I fit in, im kinda looking for a cheap one because funds arnt too great right now and the car is getting old.
Is it a piston type I need?

Third, what about the wheels, I heard that you can put some Volvo wheels on a Renault21T but thats all ive heard. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, if there is any more info that you need please ask and I will provide.
dump valve

i,ve got my dump valve on the throttle body,it was drilled onto there by the previous owner,i bought a forge motorsport group A valve(?70 i think)and its as load as f**k!!!!it even dumps at very light throttle,it has people cursing at you,dropping shopping,kids crying,grannys fainting,pub garden people already looking at you as you come past,its mega loud,actually it can be imbarrising,but you CAN also drive without it dumping,you just need to learn,all the best
Guys, you need to complete your profiles so we know where you are in the country/planet.

I may have a spare turbo to intercooler hose.
Updated my profile, if it doesnt show up i'm from maidstone, nr kent in the SE of england.
just done mine

sorry,just updated it,weybridge,surrey,renault parts,cheers

Dave, thats what it's supposed to do mate.

If you want a quiet one fit the std recirc back in and put an unmodded plenum chamber back on (the 'turbo' bit on to of the throttle body).
If you want one i got loads, PM me.

My twin piston DV is soooo loud it scares everything and everyone, and the exhaust sets off car alarms. Sweeeeeet :twisted:
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