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Help with engine parts...



Hello everyone, greetings from Venezuela.

I don't have an original R21 turbo, those weren't sold here. And some time ago i tried to import an european engine, but circumstances made it impossible at the time. This forced me to try and turbocharge the engine i already had. But i had problems with one piston which expanded and got stuck in that liner, deforming and scratching itself and destroying the rings (because of the increased heat, i guess). So i bought some new piston and liners kit, but i fear it's not of the best quality (the brand is cofap, and besides, it's still for a high compression stock engine). So i kind of have a bad feeling.

Now,at this moment my parents are in Paris, and will stay there for the next two days or so. This might possibly be the last chance for my project to go on. I need your help. I need the brand name of the original pistons, or the name of another GOOD brand, so i can call my parents and ask them to buy the kit.

Any ideas will be appreciated. Despite my car is currently being rebuilt with those pistons i told you, if i get the chance to get some better ones i certainly try not to miss it. The short time it worked was really something!, i would hate to get that turbo off that car now, as the power was just intoxicating, kind of addictive. It got to make 200 hp at the flywheel, which converts to some 170 hp at the wheels... and a healthy 202 lb/ft of torque. That is boosted to just 6 psi... and the original figures for that car were 128 hp at the flywheel and some 145 lb/ft of torque. Can't believe that i could be forced to give this one up... but if it doesn't hold it, this time i fear i'll have to.
So please, anyone, help me!...

Thanks in advance,
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