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GROUPBUY : Downpipes


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Morning / afternoon / evening

TurboRenault have been in negotiations with a few companies and selected one to create a larger bore , single piece downpipe for your 5 GT Turbo

This item will be a "all in one" downpipe in a similar style to the BMS pipes. No turbo to 90 degree elbow to downpipe just a single gentle internal sweep into a 2 1/2 inch collector down at the end of the pipe. It will have a t25/28 style 5 bolt flange.

This product will be made in England ( the peoples republic of Yorkshire to be precise ) with only quality materials. No crap welds here.

These things aren't cheap to make. TR isn't looking to make huge amounts of profit on this. Any funds that are made will be kept inside the club and ploughed back into hosting / domain names / events for you.

The item will be £230 + postage which is fixed at £15.

If you want one these are the terms :

Put your name on the list.
Be prepared for up to 6 week delay for the pipe from the confirmation of the go ahead.
Send us your funds ( we will release the paypal address once we gauge interest )

We will then send the downpipes as they are made.

This group offer is going to be open until 23 MAY 14.
May I make a suggestion. Don't bother with the old crappy un I on at the bottom, get a vband on there as I have. Its Dave reeds old dp, and is great at getting on and off plus it allows for adjustment also.
May I make a suggestion. Don't bother with the old crappy un I on at the bottom, get a vband on there as I have. Its Dave reeds old dp, and is great at getting on and off plus it allows for adjustment also.

Initially Andy they will be offered with the standard end. We might make modiifications if needed.
Good idea that

I haven't got a GT turbo but the idea of getting parts made up for a forum group buy is a good one. On a Volvo forum there is a guy who lives near me who has made up stainless systems for a few people. If you ever need another supplier I can give him a shout
This is my V-and connection at the bottom of the down-pipe, it replaces the standard doughnut arrangement at the bottom of the down pipe where you normally have the 2 long threaded parts and spring arrangements.
Hi guys, my name's Charlie and I'll be the chap building your downpipes! Hopefully Andy won't mind me joining and letting you ask any technical questions you may have.

Before anyone asks they will not be available from me direct so don't waste your time asking :) these will be available from Andy exclusively. Obviously the more you guys buy through Andy at the same time the lower the price should get, as long as flange prices e.t.c don't go up in cost any time soon.

I'll throw some pictures on however with this one being the first ever made, the later ones might change slightly so that they either cost less or take less time to build and therefore cost you guys less, but without sacrificing quality as that's the whole reason behind this project.

I am only a small company and this is the first of many new products to come, please appreciate that this means build times might be slower than a bigger company with terrible quality who can knock these out like no-ones business.

Again any technical questions don't hesitate to ask, and if you're at the french car show today go find Andy and have a peak yourself!

304 grade stainless, back purged, 16 gauge (1.6mm wall)

Looks good mate! The camera angle make it look like a miniture tho! And just to ask how far from the top is the bung for afr? Nice one
Thank you very much! Now you mention it it does look small haha, however I can assure you it is 2.5" OD all the way through. Sorry just to clarify, do you mean how tall from the tube it is? or how far down the pipe it is? :)
In my booklet for my afr it sais the sensor has to be place over (I think)12 inches from the turbo otherwise the heat is to much for it and can affect readings? Just wondering that was all, thanks
Ahh I see, in really high performance applications this may be true, however you would have to be pushing serious post-turbo gas temps to destroy a lambda sensor, a 1.4 OHV turbo engine will be fine, even if it's tuned to within an inch of its life. A lot of manufacturers (including Renault on the Megane) use Lambda sensors directly after the turbo outlet flange, they will just want to cover their own backs in-case you're building a 1000BHP fire-breahing monster :)
Quality! Thanks, that's answers a few question I was gonna ask in another thread as im getting dogey readings of my afr and wasent sure if it was placed on the little close side to the "tuuurbz".

Also just to ask will this be ok for over 200+ bhp? Thanks

thanks again for getting back!
Yes it will be more than plenty for 200bhp+ :) and it's probably easier to contact me through my Facebook page which I'm trying to get more interest in regarding other parts/fabrication.
Thanks for the positive feedback :)
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