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Archived Group buy NGK B8 EVX

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Right I need to see if there is any intrest for some spark plugs that are not made no more for are Renaults. NGK B8 EVX
Managed to find 30 at a very good price @ £10.50 each I have not bought them yet but if there is enough intrest I will grab them and post them out

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Just seen this, defo found a niche place to source all these rare parts from ;-) great price ill take 2 sets (8 plugs) please fella
Yeah only 30 spark plugs left in France lol just ordered some :) will let you know once I have them
When I saw him I'm sure he said set then on the phone otherwise will find out for sure tomo as I'm not paing that ?
Yeah cool mate that's why I pm'd you asking how much they used to be :) going down there now so will find out
Right just got back and there wrong ngk iridium so told them to leave it
Sorry about this everyone :(
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