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last night the gearbox died...

that was the last good one i had.

if somebody got a gearbox for sale , please tell me (more than 1 is no problem)

Dont tell me that GTO has all the 21 gearboxe's. :mad:

ow, and i can swap eather for parts
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basically, a gearbox was donated to 'the club' so that it could be reconditioned, then if ever a club member needed a recon gearbox, they could have that one, in exchange for some dollars and their dead gearbox.
and who's the club ? Where can i get the box and how much dollars are whe talking about ?
intertuning did a notation off 286 bhp/387nm without mapping (old map-gt2871r from Fastchip @1.2bar). Tonight i'll try to do the gearbox myself so that it can be mapped (7/12/2006). With the gearbox in this condition it explode when Henk going over the 300 bhp/400 nm mark.

So, i still need a gearbox in short time.
Jo, If its ready, then i'm willing to collect from Stu and bring it to you in exchange for the liners I asked you for and some CASH of course . lol.
the plan is:

between xmas and new year visit UK for all the parts (Engine at Lee's place, exhaust, turbo and other stuff-craig and more)

Tony, i'll do the best i can for a couple sets off those liners butt benny play's at the moment the invisible man if you know what i mean and a couple french guy's make a target out off benny for parts. So, if i want the special parts i have to be very quick. (those frenchies buy all the parts:mrgreen: )
Pm me your address and i will send the money over they are the only parts holding my engine rebuild up.

I will still bring the gear box to you coz it will add a few hours on to your traveling time to come up and get it.
where do i start ?? :idea:

sportchip, universal fitment, 200/210 bhp

sportchip RS: 225/230 bhp
recomanded: ic, 2.5" downpipe

heavy chip's:

GrN chip,280/290bhp not possible without:
cam, pistons, liners, injectors

chip "803", 300+bhp: not possible without :
upgrade turbo
and more...

the bhp's on paper are NOT for sure on YOUR car, the first 2 where tested one a std car, only changed the downpipe to 2.5"

Butt i'm convinst that chips must be written on a dyno (rolling road) because specs aint never the same from one car to another.
chip what you have all these chipped ecu's

?????????????????? all of those?
not enough ??? Whe can come over to UK and arange a rolling road where you're car can be mapped.

Possible, butt a least 5 cars. You arange a dyno, i arange fastchip (Nl)
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